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Merkaba Wooden Crystal Grid, Eight-point star

Merkaba Wooden Crystal Grid, Eight-point star

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The Merkaba, with its eight-pointed star geometry, represents the interconnectedness of the physical and spiritual realms, creating a powerful vortex of energy that transcends space and time. As you place your crystals within the grid's sacred geometry, you activate its transformative potential, aligning your intentions with the universal flow of energy.

Whether you're seeking clarity, healing, or spiritual evolution, the 8-Point Merkaba Crystal Grid serves as a potent catalyst for growth and enlightenment. Invite divine harmony into your life and unlock the limitless possibilities of the cosmos with this exquisite symbol of cosmic consciousness.


Material: Solid Paulownia

Each grid is a hand-made with a unique cross-cut, so sizes may vary naturally, adding to the distinct charm and character of every piece.


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